Retreat Bali

Basundari Yoga

Basundari - 'The Grace of Mother Earth' - Ubud Bali


Yoga, meditation retreat centre located amongst the rice fields and jungle of Ubud Bali.

The ideal location to hold your retreat.

A calming space for yoga, meditation and zero gravity/flying yoga. 

With many elevated meditation decks and pods amongst the tree tops allowing for a beautiful setting to meditate. 

The sound of the flowing river, bird and insect symphony the scent of giant stands of bamboo.



Ubud - The cultural center of the island

Only 2 klm from Ubud, guests have quick access to shops and cafes yet can retreat to Basundari among the rural essence of Bali away from the noise and traffic.

Fully equipped for residential retreats, workshops, yoga, flying yoga, meditation or individual stays.


yoga meditation resort ubud bali


Yoga shala surrounded by nature.

Bamboo, coconuts, ferns and moss underscored by the song of the flowing waters and ambient temperature.

Ensuring a calm space to practise or teach yoga/meditation

The Basundari Shala is equiped with 30 mats, 40 bolsters, 40 blocks, 30 straps, 30 blankets, sound system, anatomical skeleton, white board and good energy.


21 coconut trees!

From some of these 21 we have attached meditation pods, baskets and decks.

Climb into an elevated meditation basket or deck amongst the leaves of the trees to find that calm connected to nature space for meditation.

Lulled by the sounds of nature, you will quickly feel at one with her giving you the opportunity to retreat into silent contemplation to explore your inner self.  An exploration into consciousness.

yoga meditation resort ubud bali
anti-gravity yoga meditation resort bali

Anti-gravity Yoga

Anti=gravity yoga or Flying yoga attachments in place accommodating up to 15 flying yogis to practice or teach.

As aerial yoga becomes more popular, facilities accommodating  aerial needs are hard to find.

We do not provide hammocks or ropes.

Retreat Center

Basundari yoga, meditation retreat centre allows you to offer a comfortable, clean, calm, rustic and economical situation to your group.

Accommodating:  yoga, meditation, aerial yoga, workshops, meetings, product launch, dancing, demonstrations, motivational speakers.

yoga meditation resort bali